How to configure the Netgear WNAP210 Router

The WNAP210 Router can be easily setup and configured by following the following steps:

1. Using an Ethernet cable, connect a computer to the WNAP210’s Ethernet port.

2. Connect the provided power supply to the back of the WNAP210 and then plug it into an AC power outlet.

3. Check the front of the WNAP210. At this point in the setup, you should see a series of lights blinking on the unit’s front display.

4. Open the internet browser on the computer that is connected to the WNAP210. In the address bar, type the and press the enter button.

5. Once your browser loads the page at, you will be asked to enter your login information. Enter “admin” in the username box and “password” in the password box.

6. Next, select the “Wireless Settings” option from the configuation menu displayed.

7. You can now configure the WNAP210 to your preferences. It is highly recommended that you set your security settings and password first and then continue to other settings.

8. Lastly, test the WNAP210 settings by unplugging the Ethernet cord and attempting to connect to the wireless connection. If you need to adjust any settings, use your browser to return to the settings page at